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Landscape enhancements focused on water conservation can make a real difference in your property’s irrigation requirements. From simple, yet effective techniques such as mulching gardens so they retain moisture longer to sophisticated irrigation systems that use much less water, we can provide multiple opportunities to reduce your water consumption. Land Services prides itself on providing drought management solutions that utilize proven science, fit within your budget and enhance your grounds.

Commercial properties, office parks, residential communities, retail centers, municipalities and estates are all under pressure to reduce their water consumption. One of the most effective ways to conserve water is to convert to drought friendly landscaping. Many property managers have found that the initial expense of converting to drought resistant landscaping is quickly recouped with lower water bills and county rebates. Land Services will help you create an attractive landscape design that enhances your property and is also water efficient.

Your Land Services Client Account Manager will work with our Water Efficiency Team to do a comprehensive inspection and analysis of your property’s irrigation systems and requirements. They will conduct an on-site inspection of your watering systems and make recommendations for timing, fine tuning, maintenance and system upgrades for improved efficiency. One example of their recommendations might be converting to drip irrigation from sprinkler systems which can be an inexpensive, yet an extremely effective method of reducing water consumption.

Water conservation is not accomplished by accident.  We encourage you to reach out to us to see how Land Services Landscape Contractors can be the right partner for you landscaping needs.


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